Oct. 10, 2023

How do I move past my life feeling like it’s on hold?

How do I move past my life feeling like it’s on hold?

I remember feeling marooned on a rock while everyone else moved on and my life felt on hold and this is one of the questions I get asked the most. It’s why I created my course Reclaim which you can find right here and why I run The Life Raft membership - it’s really one of the foundational problems most people feel when experiencing fertility issues or any kind of difficult path to bringing home a baby. So you’re not alone.

Have a listen to this episode where I give you questions to think about, journal on and message of hope; that there is a way to live life while you go through all this and at the same time allow yourself to feel everything you’ll be feeling.

I am running a free challenge, the Gentle Mindset Challenge this week. You can sign up at fertilityliferaft.com/gentle and you can join over 100 amazing people so far who are all going to come together for three live calls this week, plus a bonus connection call where I’ll be teaching you ways you can change how you feel about the Uncertainty and the Unknown; Friends and Family - coping with happy news and isolation - and Hope: finding it, reframing it and keeping it.

The last time I ran this gorgeous challenge was two years ago now so I’m absolutely delighted to be bringing it back for you this year. You’ll gain so much from every call and if you can’t make the live sessions everything is recorded for you anyway. If you want to stay anonymous you can.

If you want to join the free pop up group: you can. Whatever stage of the journey you’re at, you are so welcome to join us.

There is no criteria - if you’re trying to bring home a baby and it’s feeling really difficult: then you are very welcome to come along.

You can find all the resources I provide at fertilityliferaft.com and follow us on Instagram.

We adore hearing from you. Please send us an email hello@fertilitylife.com. Let us know your thoughts. What do you want to hear on this podcast next? We’ve got so much to come for you and we are wishing you all the love and compassion for whatever is happening in your own story right now.

Come and visit fertilityliferaft.com which exists to make your fertility experience so much better.

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