June 15, 2023

Hannah Pearn

Hannah Pearn

I absolutely loved chatting to the brilliant Hannah Pearn, Acupuncturist and passionate advocate for fertility awareness.

She strongly believes in proper education for everyone on menstrual cycles to avoid getting to the stage when we're actually feeling quite desperate because things aren't working.

We have a really good (quite fiery!) chat about this and how our cycles are extremely important indicators for our health in general - Hannah explains that we need our hormones to be working properly for our bodies and brains to function properly...it's not even just about fertility: our reproductive systems must be considered as important as everything else!

Hannah explains how acupuncture works too (fascinating!) and we also focus on the misconception that stress causes infertility: INCORRECT. Infertility does cause stress but there is plenty of evidence to show that it is not the other way around.

This is a brilliant conversation with a leading expert in her field. Find out more about Hannah and her fantastic services here


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