June 21, 2021

Finding Happiness, Whatever Happens with Aisha Balesaria

Finding Happiness, Whatever Happens with Aisha Balesaria

I had the pleasure of starting off Series 3 by chatting to Aisha Balesaria in this episode Finding Happiness, Whatever Happens. This is a powerful conversation which I hope will encourage you to feel empowered in taking space and time to process your experiences, as well as to find happiness for yourself each and every single day.

Aisha and her husband spent 10 years trying to conceive and finally decided to embrace a childfree-after-infertility life. With real courage and determination, they eventually got to a place of healing and acceptance. Aisha is now a coach, and her aim is to empower those struggling with infertility or chronic illness.


In this episode, we speak about:

• The effects of hormones and medication on our bodies and our minds during treatments.

• How reaching rock bottom can often be the catalyst for moving you into a much healthier and more positive and more uplifting point

• The importance of space and time needed to process what happened in the past and currently in order to move into that next chapter and new mindset

• What waking up and finding happiness looks like for someone who identifies as childfree after trying fertility

• How it feels not to feel triggered by pregnancy announcements and baby showers

• The things in Aisha’s Life Raft

and Clean PJs!!


Powerful Quotes:

"It got to a point where I just couldn’t carry on anymore, and it was literally infertility or me, and I chose me." 

"Everyone has their own way of navigating how they get through grief and sadness but I would always advocate for therapy for being the best component for helping me through grief and sadness."

"I understand why we’re not included in the narrative. We’re peoples’ worst nightmare: “I'm not going to end up like Aisha. I’m not going to end up like her.” Not having a baby is still a viable option. You can have a happy life. My husband and I are living proof of that." 

"At the end of the day, I have to make my life the best life it can be, even though there’s something I wanted that isn’t here."


Connect with Aisha:

Instagram - www.instagram.com/mindbodyrevival_coach

Twitter - https://twitter.com/mindbodyrevival

Website - www.mindbodyrevivalcoach.com


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