May 19, 2023

Fertility, Diversity and Faith

Fertility, Diversity and Faith

SUCH a joy to chat to the fabulous Vanessa Haye! Haye is a writer, speaker, and women's health advocate and now a mum to two boys after a complicated journey. She is also giver of EXCELLENT hugs. Things we talk about on this live recording with Life Raft Members:

  • Language and why being intentional and careful with it is so imperative i.e 'growing a family...' not 'starting a family...'
  • unexplained vs 'unexplored' fertility
  • early miscarriage and the ectopic pregnancy she experienced, which led to the removal of her fallopian tube
  • a brilliant chat about faith and the idea of a higher power: 'everyone has something they look to...', (for Vanessa it's a Christian God)
  • what Jennifer Aniston did by sharing her IVF experiences
  • why fear gets worse when we don't sit sown and talk about the thing we scared of
  • the minefield of talking about IVF in religious circles and dealing with comments like, 'maybe you committed a sin...'

And the big stuff:

  • representation in healthcare, diversity, the importance of increasing conversations about fertility for everyone, and the strength to overcome fear...

AMAZING conversation, amazing woman. I hope you loved this episode please leave us a review and get in touch on Instagram on my account and join the Life Raft Membership! Access to the Life Raft Framework, community, loads of personal growth fertility specific resources, courses, meditations and live support.

Take care,

Alice x

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