Nov. 1, 2022

Beyond Grief with Pippa Vosper

Beyond Grief with Pippa Vosper

How it feels to move beyond grief while honouring loss, so you can breathe once more

Author Pippa Vosper wrote an article for Vogue after she lost her son Axel 5 months into her pregnancy. It went viral. Publishers kept asking her to write a book but she wasn't ready...until lockdown, when she felt she was able to sit and write with considered clarity after time to process what she had been through.

The result is the most warm, calm, gentle and beautiful book: Beyond Grief, which is out now.

This conversation, despite the sadness, feels light and gentle and just as Pippa says at the end "I have, strangely, loved it...". Me too Pippa, me too. Pippa also shares a story which gave me actual goosebumps as she shared it, I really would love to know if it moves you too...

We recorded this live with women in my membership online. You're going to finish it feeling comforted, reassured, warm and heard whether or not you have been through a similar experience (I haven't personally).

I loved this conversation.

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