Aug. 29, 2019

All The Single Ladies

All The Single Ladies

Honoured to share three women, Nicole Val, Jocely…

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Honoured to share three women, Nicole Val, Jocelyn Bell and Mel Johnson at different stages of their journey into becoming mothers with the help of science, by themselves. I wanted to respond to news that an NHS body has banned single women from accessing IVF stating research which included phrases like 'single mothers are a burden on society' and a " sole woman is unable to bring out the best outcomes for the child.” I hope by sharing a snapshot from a different perspective...i.e one from those actually doing it; we can start to appreciate how incredibly strong, capable and absolutely fantastic these sorts of women are. As always I would love to hear from you so please do get in touch on Instagram @thisisalicerose, email me and share, rate, review subscribe allllll the good stuff!! Thank you so much! With grateful thanks to my guests and if you'd like to find them, here are their Instagram handles: Nicole @nicole_val Jocelyn @motheringsolo Mel @the_stork_and_i


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