June 8, 2021

Episode 122: Mike Digby - Hitting with the Stars

Episode 122: Mike Digby - Hitting with the Stars

Mike Digby has been a hitting partner to some of the biggest names in tennis.

A late-comer to the game, the 23-year-old Brit played tennis to US College level.

He´s since travelled to some of the biggest tournaments in the game, practising with and warming up players like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Simona Halep and Coco Gauff.

He´s currently a coach at SotoTennis Academy, and has recently returned from hitting with ATP & WTA players at the Madrid Masters.

Not an easy job, it´s often role of the hitting partner to emulate the next opponent as much as possible, so having a versatile game, being flexible with your hours and catering to the players wants and needs is a must! 

In this episode, Mike gives us an insight into what life is really like as a hitting partner to the pros, from the best experiences to the worst! 

Episode Highlights: 

[09:00] Hitting with Coco Gauff at the Madrid Masters

[13:54] The difference between hitting with the younger and more senior players on the tour

[16:03] How Mike got started as a hitting partner to the pros

[17:58] Listen to his Novak Djokovic experience!

[22:18] Find out which player was Mike´s worst hitting experience

[31:14] What a typical day as a hitting partner looks like

[34:17] How he became a regular hitting partner for Simona Halep

[37:30] What´s Medvedev really like?

[55:25] Listen to his experience hitting with Roger Federer at the ATP Finals


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