April 5, 2022

#158: Dr Mark Kovacs - The Serve Doctor

#158: Dr Mark Kovacs - The Serve Doctor

In today´s episode we´re unpacking the biomechanics of the serve with Dr Mark Kovacs.

Known as the number one serve doctor in the world, Dr Mark Kovacs has held a number of roles in elite sport including performance physiologist, sport technology consultant, researcher, coach, speaker and author. 

You can check out his awesome courses here.

Dr Mark Kovacs on Control the Contollables

A former pro player and NCAA Doubles Champion, Dr Kovacs is the go-to expert for elite and professional athletes and corporate executives looking for science based programming to optimize human performance. 

He´s worked as a sports science consultant to the ATP, WTA tours and the NCAA. He´s also worked with dozens of tennis players including John Isner, Sloane Stephens, and Madison Keys, as well as professional athletes in the NBA, NFL and MLB.

Listen to Dr Kovacs chat though the 8 stages of the tennis serve, and much more. Get your pen and notepad ready for this one!

Episode Highlights:-

  • How an arm injury at US College got him interested in understanding the body, injuries and the serve. 
  • Why tennis is behind other sports with data. 
  • Why female players can serve just as well as men.
  • Which player does he think has the best serve from a biomechanical standpoint?
  • At what age/stage should a coach introduce loading?
  • The 8 stages of the tennis serve. 

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