Family Bonding

June 27, 2022

Meet the Gillis Family and discover how bike touring with kids is the ultimate family bonding adventure.

Shoestring Budget

June 13, 2022

Do you want to get into cycling without breaking the bank? With over 30-years of experience, John Bolton knows a lot about cycling and the gear that goes with it!

The Cyclonaute

May 30, 2022

Meet Claude Marthaler – a self-described Cyclonaute. For Claude, traveling by bike is a way of life. He has spent the past 16 years biking around the world and has authored 11 books and bike travelogues. From 1994 to 2001,…

Celebrating the World's Best Bike Movies

May 16, 2022

Storytelling, adventure, love of cycling, human to human connection . . . that’s what bike touring is all about and what you’ll see at Filmed by Bike’s Annual Film Festival.

Biking for the Future

May 2, 2022

Meet Dorothee; a 71-year-old retired grandmother concerned about climate change who hopped on her pink bike and rode 2500 km from her hometown to the COP26 Summit in Scotland.

Touring in Tandem

April 18, 2022

The story of Peter and Tracy Flucke is like a book with many chapters centered around bicycling, together and alone, for more than fifty years.

Pedaling Through the Pandemic

April 4, 2022

Ken Francis isn’t one to slow down. When the pandemic hit, he knew he had to find a way to continue touring and hosting his beloved Warmshowers family.

It's All About Connections

March 21, 2022

Dave and Leo are not your typical Warmshowers hosts! In their thirteen years of hosting they have welcomed hundreds of cyclists to their Florida home.

Two Wheels One World

March 7, 2022

Adam Swanson has virtually grown up on a bike. He was just an infant when his family took a bike tour across Mexico, and now, at 18 years old, he is on his first solo worldwide tour.

Nourishing Body and Soul

Feb. 21, 2022

Bike touring helps us check in with ourselves and our needs; it nourishes our bodies and souls.

A First Time for Everything

Feb. 7, 2022

Two people from different parts of the country on independent trips cross routes in Midland, MI, and become Matt and Kathy’s first-ever Warmshowers’ guests.

Wheels of Fortune

Jan. 24, 2022

Wheels of Fortune recounts the wondrous experiences a young couple encountered during their 14,000-mile bike trip across the US and Canada.

For the Children

Jan. 10, 2022

It started with a bike breakdown on a cycle tour through Namibia, Africa, in 2014. Was her tour over? What happened next would forever change Ursula’s life and the lives of countless children.

A Seasoned Cyclist

Dec. 27, 2021

Meet passionate and seasoned cyclist Ken Francis, a longtime Warmshowers user, host, volunteer, and former Board member.

Women in Cycling

Dec. 13, 2021

Meet Pinar Pinzuti, the founder of Fancy Women Bike Ride, a woman-only bike event held in cities worldwide. Pinar's goal is to bring more diversity into the cycling world and empower more women to ride more often.

Making the Journey Yours

Nov. 29, 2021

Today, we are joined by Susan Doram who is a published writer, award-winning personal trainer, cycle coach, and worldwide solo cyclist.

Facing Uncertainty

Nov. 15, 2021

Meet Ben Riopelle, a Vet Tech from Colorado who is combining his love for animals and conservation with a long dreamed about first-time bike tour.

The Gift of Time

Nov. 1, 2021

We are joined today by Jerry Kopack who has bike toured through 17 countries. He is propelled by the curiosity of the “human experience” and lives by the mentality to always say yes.

Reigning Kindness

Oct. 18, 2021

We are joined today by Dan Beaumont. Dan is on an epic 4-month journey cycling 10,000km across Britain to raise funds for Mind Over Mountains.

Queer in the Community

Oct. 4, 2021

We are joined today by Kevin Belanger. Kevin is here to share his wisdom, knowledge, and personal experiences on the important conversation of being queer in the outdoor community.

Road Magic

Sept. 20, 2021

We are joined today by Aaron Stephenson. Aaron is a Spanish teacher who lives with his family in Massachusetts and uses his summer breaks to cycle for a cause.

Great American Rail Trail

Sept. 6, 2021

We are joined today by Kevin Belanger. Kevin is the Manager of Trail Planning for the Rails to Trails Conservancy and the Great American Rail Trail.

A Traffic Jam Moment

Aug. 23, 2021

We are joined today by Lorraine Lambert. Lorraine is a “later in life” first-time cyclist who discovered her path after a traffic jam moment.

Cycling Into the Sunset

Aug. 9, 2021

Today's episode of Bike Life, first brought to you last year, contains some great information on planning your next bike tour. Whether it is your first long tour or you are a veteran, you will learn something from our guest …