April 29, 2024

Pedaling the Past

Giulia Baroncini, an adventurous bike tourer and blogger, shares her inspirational 5-month cycling journey, rekindling the spirit of early bike touring pioneer Luigi Masetti and the historical footsteps she followed from Italy to Chicago.

Are you captivated by tales of historical journeys and the adventurers who dared to traverse the globe on two wheels? Then you're in for a treat as we follow the path of Giulia Baroncini, who embarked on a monumental 5-month bike tour.

Inspired by legendary Italian bike tourer Luigi Masetti's groundbreaking travels, Giulia not only honors tradition but challenges the boundaries of modern bike touring. She retraced Luigi’s route from over a century ago, navigating through multiple countries and landscapes from Milan, Italy, to Chicago, USA.

Giulia’s ride is a celebration of the enduring spirit of exploration, the meaningful connections made during her long-distance bike tour, and a touching tribute to the cyclists who paved the way. Through her eyes, we're given a window into the past and the transformational power of pushing the pedals toward a grand personal odyssey.

Catch up with Giulai and follow her travels on her website, If You’re Looking for Me, I’m Around. Learn more about Luigi Masetti and get the book, “The two-wheel anarchist. Luigi Masetti: the first Italian cycle traveller.”

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