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Entertaining and Informative Podcasts
I enjoy listening to the podcasts here as people have such wide-ranging experiences of bike travel. I always learn something new, too and am inspired to keep cycling.

there are never not stories
i love the diversity. i cycled around the world. and i love to hear people's passion for pedaling!!

Good but could be even better
The topics covered are great. Questions are a bit redundant from guest to guest. My main suggestion is: have a french version of the podcast would be awesome. Or, at least, make a partnership with a french bike touring podcast to let your audience know about it.

My Go-To Podcast
Bike Life has been my go-to podcast which I generally listen to while riding my bicycle around the city or even while I'm out for a walk. Most of the stories and experiences shared on the platform are so real that at times I wish I could dive into that story and ride along with the rider experiencing the same adventure and thrill. Thanks to everyone behind the Bike Life Podcast for making sure that new podcasts are shared regularly on the platform and for beautifully crafting the flow of the podcast and talking in languages every cyclist/rider would instantly connect and also has the power to inspire many riders to take up bike touring as a normal way to travel places. More tail winds to you guys!!

Two Nomads
While I was quite nervous about being the interviewee I had a great experience with Michele and Tahverlee. Michele did all the prep and Tahverlee made me comfortable and welcome. I gave a lot and I learned a lot, both in my interview but also the ones I listened to in preparation and the many I’ve listened to since. Keep up the great work! Anne PS: My first book is coming out soon, would love to introduce you to it.

Warmth and Adventure!
The perfect combination. Succinct and digestible stories from the road with the fantastic host, Tahverlee, highlight the beauty of life seen from two wheels and the magic that the Warmshowers foundation provides to thousands of cyclists every year. Thank you for sharing and connecting so many people!! Highly recommend.

Thanks. . .
I have really enjoyed the podcasts on Bike Life and I have hosted many WS guests who have also enjoyed listening to the podcasts. Thank you so much for these interviews.

this podcast in general!
I love listening to this podcast I learn stuff every time and I sometimes I live vicariously through the people traveling. 😀!!!

Every story inspires me more
I love the stories, because each person inspires me to want to follow in their foot path. Although the ride I ride will be my own ride, I can take bits and pieces of their ideas to inspire me to create my own stories. Thanks Warmshowers for your service to the biking community and for this inspirational podcast.

Great podcast
Have learned so much from listening to inspiring folks on this podcast. Can’t recommend enough!

I love it!
I recently found out about Warm Showers from friends which then led me to this podcast. I have been binge listening to all the episodes and have not got at all tired of listening to the incredible stories. I am hooked! I’ve never toured on a bike but now I’m planning my first one. Thank you!

Great podcast
Love hearing different experiences.

Bike Life
Adventure is right outside. This podcast rules.

Love it!
I’m a Warmshower host and cyclist and I love the podcast! So inspiring to hear all the stories. Thank you!!

Great inspiration
I’m on a tour around the world and on days where you feel that the bike isn’t moving as you want it to, then this podcast inspires me to push harder and get to new places. Thanks for the effort that WS puts into this

So often when listening, I hear ideas, expressions, feelings, experiences and philosophies that truly resonate. We often think community building ends with the end of our tour. Tahverlee ensures that building continues. The community of bike tourists and hosts continues to expand in the time of global pandemic. Thank you Tahverlee.

Soul energizing listening to others cycling voyages
This podcast is a gem for any cyclist who has or plans to voyage on two wheels for the first time or an across-the-world journey. It is a melting pot of people sharing their unique and soul transforming experiences of discovery and adventure by traveling to new countries on two wheels and meeting open arms and life time experiences along the way. Thanks for the listening enjoyment; it has been great fuel to look forward to my next journey on the road.

Great listening, and a helpful way to learn about touring resources
Just listened to the episode about Bike Flights. Very informative. I wish I had known about this before I tried to ship my bike from WI to MA after my tour.