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About Foundation is a vibrant community of more than 180,000 touring cyclists and hosts who offer free hospitality in nearly every corner of the world. We have come a long way since 1976 when John Mosley kept a Rolodex with between 300 and 800 names on it of people who were willing to host touring cyclists.  

In 1993, Terry Zmrhal and Geoff Cashman started Warm Showers. By 2005 the Rolodex list had been converted into a database-and-map enabled website that allowed membership to become global.

In 2014, the Warm Showers Foundation was registered as a U.S. charitable non-profit organization.  Within a year or so, we had reached a membership of nearly 60,000.

Today, the organization has continued its dramatic growth in line with the ever-increasing popularity of touring cycling. 


Our Vision

A future where everyone, everywhere, views Foundation as THE community for touring cyclists and those who host them. We want to make a million positive connections possible.


Our Mission

To facilitate and promote safe, free reciprocal hospitality in the world-wide touring bicycling community.


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