May 27, 2024

2 Bikers ~ 2 Years ~ 2 Continents

Ville and Kristen Jokinen, a daring couple who undertook an adventurous 18,000-mile bike journey, share their tales of wildlife encounters, human kindness, and the unexpected community they found along the way.

Ever wondered what it's like to cycle from the frosty terrains of Alaska to the bustling streets of Argentina?

Ville and Kristen Jokinen can tell you. They took on this monumental challenge and experienced the raw emotions and thrilling adventures that come with an extended bike tour across diverse landscapes. They share their intimate encounters with wildlife, including a startling face-off with a grizzly bear and the heartfelt connections they forged with locals and fellow travelers along their route.

A journey that began on bike saddles blossomed into a narrative that transcends the mere act of pedaling. Ville and Kristen’s dedication to documenting their trip led to a compelling book that captures the essence of their experiences, encouraging others to explore the world on two wheels and embrace the unexpected twists of life's roads.

Catch up with Ville and Kristen:


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