June 10, 2024

Cycling Odyssey to the World Scout Jamboree

Florian Coupe, a passionate cyclist and adventurer, shares his remarkable journey of biking from France to Korea for the World Scout Jamboree, aiming to inspire youth through sustainable transport and the spirit of adventure.

What inspires someone to cycle from France to Korea? Join us as we explore the fascinating journey of a passionate adventurer who made this impressive trek to the World Scout Jamboree, promoting bicycle travel and sustainable transportation along the way.

Florian Coupe is a cyclist determined to make an impact and inspire youth around the world. He gives us an intimate look at the motivations, challenges, and memorable moments of his seven-month odyssey, covering over 15,000 kilometers, to the World Scout Jamboree and the incredible reception when he arrived.

Florian shares stories of past cycling legends, the camaraderie of scouting, and the spirit of adventure that fuels their mission to encourage young people to embrace outdoor activities and eco-friendly travel. His story is not just about the distance covered, but the meaningful connections and lasting influence of one cyclist's endeavor to change the world, one pedal at a time.

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