April 1, 2024

A Family Adventure of Freedom & Connection

The Bennek family has embarked on a life-changing cycle touring adventure of intentional living, slow travel, and community connections as they navigate life on the open road.

Join us on an incredible cycling journey with the Bennek family as they share their experiences of leaving behind their life in Southern Germany to embark on a unique family cycle tour.

Discover the challenges and joys of bike travel with two young kids as Lorena and Gregor discuss finding the perfect balance between adventure and family life. Their journey is a testament to the power of trust, flexibility, and connection with nature, providing a fresh perspective on the benefits of slow travel and the simplicity of life on two wheels.

Lorena and Gregor's experiences remind us of the beauty of living in the present, embracing spontaneity, and nurturing a sense of community no matter where the road takes us.

Note: since the recording of this episode, the Bennek family has added a puppy named Maluna to their mix! They can’t wait to hit the road again, albeit at a slower pace. Life is a journey, and they take it how it evolves!

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Theme Music by Les Konley | Produced by Les Konley

Happy riding and hosting!