Nov. 27, 2023

Flash Memoir on Wheels

Jane Hertenstein, a talented writer, and experienced cyclist, shares stories of her solo bike trips and the importance of documenting personal experiences through writing in a flash memoir style she created.

Jane Hertenstein's cycling journey began at a young age when her father strapped wooden blocks onto her tricycle. Since then, she has been deeply curious about exploring the world on her bike. From early solo trips to her epic cross-country adventure, Jane's love for cycling has allowed her to connect with many people along the way.

Jane has authored over 90 published articles, stories, and novels, and her work has been recognized by the New York Times. She is known for her unique style of “flash memoir,” which turns small memories into powerful stories. Based in Chicago, Jane has dedicated herself to making a difference in her community as a community activist and working at a homeless shelter.

Get inspired by Jane's stories of resilience, exploration, and the joy of traveling by bike.

Catch up with Jane on her blog, Memoirous, and on CrazyGuyOnABike. Learn how to create a portfolio of your own life stories in her workshop Your Life is Your Story.

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