Nov. 13, 2023

The Loong Way Home

Melissa Pritchard shares her inspiring journey of cycling around the world and the transformative impact it had on her life and those she encountered along the way.

Melissa Pritchard embodies the spirit of exploration. Her passion for cycling has shaped her life and taught her many important lessons. From learning to be content with less to finding happiness in the simple pleasures, her experiences on the road have given her a new perspective.

Melissa's passion for cycling extends beyond her own adventures as she has visited schools in 30 different countries, inspiring students and teachers alike with her "Teacher on Two Wheels" project. She shares her various bike tours, including her incredible trip from Barcelona to Oregon, which she fondly calls "The Loong Way Home".

What started as a bet with Melissa’s brothers has turned into an incredible journey that has transformed her as a person. Her story will inspire you to embrace new challenges and make a positive impact on the world.

Catch up with Melissa on her blog, The Loong Way Home. Follow her on Facebook and on Instagram at @theloongwayhome.

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