Aug. 21, 2023

Unscripted Adventures of an Intrepid Global Citizen

George Balarezo shares his thrilling adventure through Ethiopia, the challenges he faced, and the fascinating stories he encountered along the way.

Meet George Balarezo, intrepid global citizen, adventure cycle tourer, seasoned traveler, and author. George shares his fascinating journey through Ethiopia, known for its rich culture and stunning landscapes. From encountering rock-throwing children to navigating through challenging roads, George's experience is both thrilling and eye-opening.

Discover how George's unexpected encounters with the people of Ethiopia shaped his journey and influenced his perspective on the country's culture and history. Plus, learn about the power of hosting through Warmshowers and the invaluable experiences it brings to both the host and the guest.

Join us as we embark on a thrilling adventure through Ethiopia with George Balarezo, a true intrepid global citizen.

Learn more about George on his website, Intrepid Global Citizen, and purchase his book, Unhinged in Ethiopia, Two Thousand Kilometers of Hell and Heaven on a Bicycle, on Amazon HERE. Listen to his podcast, Intrepid Global Citizen.

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