Sept. 4, 2023

Navigating Teaching, Touring, and Music

Carolyn Stallard, a professor at Brooklyn College and a freelance musician, has found a unique way to combine the freedom of remote teaching, a love of music, a desire to give back, and the joy of bicycle touring.

From her first solo trip on the East Coast Greenway to her epic adventure down the West Coast, Carolyn proves that cycle touring is not only a mode of transportation but also a way to connect with her students and give back to the communities she visits. Something she calls “voluntouring.”

Carolyn's desire to explore the world on two wheels continues to deepen, fueled by the camaraderie and support she receives from Warmshowers hosts, her students, and the wonderful people she meets on her journeys.

5 Fun Facts about Carolyn’s trips:

  • Her first-ever Warmshowers host empty house!
  • On the Pacific Coast Highway trip, she stayed with 16 Warmshowers hosts, including former board member Ken Francis.
  • It's easier to find hosts with pianos than you would think.
  • She finds that her students are more likely to watch her teaching videos when she’s on a trip since she films in cool places. Nothing like watching your professor walk through a redwood forest while reminding you when your work is due!
  • Along the PCH, it was tough to find a place to volunteer, but she was able to participate in a community garden project in Marina, CA, thanks to a woman from Host A Sister (a great resource for female-identifying travelers).

Learn more about Carolyn on her website, Carolyn’s Collections, and follow her biking adventures on Instagram at @carolynventures and her music adventures at @carolynsvibes. Find great bike travel stories, including Carolyn’s, at Bike Sleep Bike.

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Happy riding and hosting!