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June 15, 2023

S2 Episode 7 - Safe Spaces

S2 Episode 7 - Safe Spaces

In this episode we are joined by Dr Anthea Cree who is a Clinical Oncologist in the NHS.

Anthea is the first openly neurodivergent doctor in her organization, and has felt so alone. Anthea's openness at work about her neurodivergence saw her sharing her experiences in a video with her entire Royal College, although she confesses that it has caused much confusion about what to with her.

Anthea recognizes that prior to her own late autism and ADHD, as a Doctor, she had no understanding at all of what it means to be autistic. Andrea can plan complex radiotherapy treatments and support patients during the hardest conversations yet struggles with many of the simple day to day tasks.

Anthea is determined to change the culture for staff, because she knows that well supported, knowledgeable staff means that patients receive understanding too, along with better care and treatment, and that a change in attitude, to genuinely listen to patients, however they communicate, and believe what they are saying, would be a massive positive shift towards better and more neurodivergent affirming care.

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