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June 9, 2023

S2 Episode 6 - The Cool Kid

S2 Episode 6 - The Cool Kid

In this episode we are joined by Madge Woollard - a self-employed piano and keyboard teacher who has run their own successful business since 1994. A graduate of Cambridge University, where they were a Peterhouse college’s first female organ scholar.

Madge currently works both privately and in schools, and now specializes in teaching neurodivergent students - diagnosed autistic in 2016 at age 44 after a lifetime of wondering why they felt so different, and since then has been passionate about advocating for autism rights.

In 2019 Madge was awarded an Autism-Friendly Business Award from the National Autistic Society. In 2022 Madge had a chapter published in a groundbreaking book: “Learning from Autistic Teachers: How to be a Neurodiversity-inclusive School” - Madge is a member of Spectrum Theatre Sheffield, an integrated community theatre company who write and perform thought-provoking social theatre.

They live in Sheffield with their wife who is also late-discovered autistic. 


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