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May 31, 2023

S2 Episode 5 - Midlife Autistic Doctor

S2 Episode 5 - Midlife Autistic Doctor

In this episode we are joined by Dr Rosie Baruah who is an NHS Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anesthesia in Scotland. Rosie has spoken publicly recently in a BBC Interview about her midlife discovery at 46, and her identity as a Late Discovered Autistic Female Doctor.

Rosie is determined to further educate and advocate for autistic doctors, widen perceptions about 'what' an autistic doctor looks like, shining a light on the prejudice and challenges they face, and the benefits that autistic doctors bring to their work.

We also talk about *that* ADHD documentary aired in the UK in May 2023, intersectional identities, viewing ourselves through the lens of difference (not deficit) autistic joy, deconstructing the 'Rain Man' stereotype, self-disclosure, and the impact the Autistic Doctor Mary Doherty, who is the Founder of Autistic Doctors International and author Holly Smale as well as other autistic advocates have made to Rosie's autistic discovery, and the importance of having a voice and giving narrative to our experiences.

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