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May 25, 2023

S2 Episode 4 - Paying It Forward

S2 Episode 4 - Paying It Forward

In this episode we are joined by Kirsty Cullen-Campanelli from LA in California who, at 38 years old, is very much at the beginning of her autistic self-discovery journey. We talk misophonia, invalidation, multiple diagnoses preceding her autistic late discovery, sobriety, trauma and the life changing and affirming moment for Kirsty of finding a health professional who understood her.

We also talk about self-disclosure in Corporate America, the need for baseline accommodations in the workplace, leading with empathy, shaping decision making and bravely and vulnerably paying it forward, because “You can’t remove stigma if you don’t actively support its removal”.

CW: We touch on themes of trauma, suicide and abuse.

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