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Sept. 3, 2023

S2 Episode 13 - Power Of The Sea

S2 Episode 13 - Power Of The Sea

In this episode we are joined by Lucy Baena - a Mother, Writer & Birthkeeper.

Throughout her life Lucy has been given an array of diagnosis the first at age 7 when she was diagnosed as Dyslexic. At 15 she discovered she was Epileptic and a month after her 38th birthday she received her Autistic diagnosis.

Lucy has struggled with a variety of complex health (& many mis) diagnosis over her life and learning that she is Autistic has had a profound impact on her understanding of her health and wellbeing.  

Since becoming a Mother 8 years ago Lucy has dedicated much of her time to being a Doula and Birthkeeping in her local community. Lucy was told that she would never have children so birthing at home as an Epileptic disabled mum was the achievement of Lucys life and has shown her she is made of pure fire.

Lucy was disabled before she knew she was Autistic so her post diagnosis experiences are different to those who learn they are Autistic but did not already consider themselves disabled.

Lucy believes in the power of wild places to heal and the sacredness of the natural world, especially the Ocean, and she now knows her Autistic brain sees things in the natural world that neurotypical people miss and she is full of awe daily.

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