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April 6, 2023

Episode 15 - Breaking Barriers

Episode 15 - Breaking Barriers

Our guest on Episode 15 is Hazel Lim - a leading advocate in the campaign against the stigma associated with autism, with a focus on the cultural stigma within the Chinese community in the UK.

Living as a late discovered autistic minority in the UK, Hazel understands the struggles. She moved with her husband and three children to Swansea to study for an MSc in Autism and related Conditions at Swansea University, she then decided to make Wales a permanent home. 

Hazel founded the Chinese Autism Support Group in 2016, when she realised there was no support available – even nationally – for Chinese families. Since then she has worked tirelessly to engage with this vulnerable group of people, who were almost hiding themselves away due to the language barriers and the cultural stigma associated with autism. 

The momentum has led her to set up the Chinese Autism UK Community Interest company to better support all Chinese families in need across the UK. Hazel was recently awarded The UK Chinese women of the year volunteering category and won the National Autistic Society Autistic Professional Award in 2020.

Hazel comes on the podcast to shine a light on her own late discovery story - a story she shares for the first time since discovering her own neurodivergence in her early 40’s. 

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