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March 23, 2023

Episode 13 - A Handpicked Life

Episode 13 - A Handpicked Life

Our guest on Episode 13 is Kate Laine-Toner - an autistic trainer, speaker and author, she is also mother to an amazing neurodivergent child. 

In 2012, Kate founded the parent support charity Bristol Autism Support when she struggled to find support for her own daughter, and over the following 10 years helped to guide over 3,000 parents and carers on their autism journey, as well as navigating her own autistic self-discovery during that time. We talk on the podcast about her journey over the last 10 years to self-acceptance and rediscovery, and what finding acceptance at 50 as an autistic woman looks and feels like. 

In 2022 she was given a British Citizen Award for her services to the autism parenting community, and recently received the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service on behalf of the charity. She left the charity last year and now delivers training on a wide range of autism topics for parents and carers and also provides training on autism and neurodiversity for corporate, charity, medical and public attraction settings. 

Her book ‘Autism… Where Do I Start? A guide to managing the emotional aspects of autism parenting’ published by JKP will be out in September 2023.

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