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March 9, 2023

Episode 11 - Too Many Doors

Episode 11 - Too Many Doors

Our guest on Episode 11 is Krystle McGilvery

Krystle McGilvery is the award-winning Founder of Mind Over Money, a finance training and education consultancy, a Behavioural Finance specialist, Podcaster, Mentor and Coach. 

She combines finance and psychology to improve financial decision-making, confidence, and wellbeing. Krystle has worked with the likes of Equifax, Moonpig, and AllBright, appeared on ITV, featured in several papers such as the Telegraph, on Refinery29, and on BBC Radio. 

Krystle is also the Board Director of several charities, a Chartered Accountant, and Mental Health First Aider.

She joins Catherine to courageously shine a light on what is very much the beginning of her autistic late discovery.

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