July 24, 2022

Uniquely American w/ Nidhi Shastri

Uniquely American w/ Nidhi Shastri

As Season 7 is about to soon wrap up, Nidhi Shastri rounds up this Season 7 guest lineup.  Nidhi is the founder and producer of her podcast, "Model Minority: Uniquely American".  She is a South Asian American based in Chicago. We talked about the process of starting her podcast which explores stories and issues of the Asian, African, and Middle Eastern American / diaspora, her upbringing in the Chicagoland suburbs, the impact that her father's death had, and how this informed her own experiences, her relationship with her family, and political beliefs.  Don't miss out on this episode as you get to hear more about her beautiful journey!



Nidhi Shastri is an independent podcast writer, host and producer from Chicago, IL. After graduating from the University of Illinois in 2019, she worked as a campaign organizer for healthcare justice and Medicare for All during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her podcast, Model Minority: Uniquely American (released in 2020) stems from her own experiences of growing up as a South Asian woman in the States. Her work strives to pass the mic to other Asian, African and Middle Eastern Americans to share their stories, and to also use the podcasting platform as a medium for educating and inspiring social change.


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