March 7, 2020

Understanding My Journey and Fight w/ Vân Huynh

Understanding My Journey and Fight w/ Vân Huynh
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(S2, EP 3) I chatted with Vân Huynh , a queer Viet-American immigration attorney who splits her time between Atlanta and Chicago.  In this conversation, Vân shared her struggles with assimilation and expectations that are set for 2nd generation Asian-Americans. She talked about her experience in the immigration movements, and her work with her clients who are facing deportation. She shared insight about what the deportation process looks like, and the current climate for immigrants today.  Be sure to listen to this episode! 


Special thanks to my sponsor, Lawrence and Argyle, a Viet-American owned merchandise line representing immigrant empowerment.  Get yourself a pin, hoodie or t-shirt and show off your immigrant pride.  Visit them at or follow them on IG @LawrenceandArgyle or on Facebook.



Vân Huynh (she/her) is a queer Vietnamese American, born in Saigon, Vietnam. She is an immigration attorney whose legal and advocacy work strives to build movements with organizers in order to effectively address root causes of criminalization. She splits her time between Atlanta and Chicago, and frequently visits family in Philadelphia and Allentown, Pennsylvania. She has been involved with Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Chicago and Atlanta, PASO-West Suburban Action Project, Dope AAPI, the Resist, Reimagine, Rebuild (R3) Coalition, and the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights - all working to build relationships among immigrant communities with Black-led organizing. Some of her self-care activities are reading fiction, making mini-covers of fiction books, and unabashedly brewing kombucha and pickling veggies.

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