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Diversity Amplifier!
The podcast is amazing. I love the diversity and variety of guests on the podcast! It is a reminder of the beautiful, talented, and unique individuals we have in the Asian community! Love the care, consideration and thoughtfulness that goes into each question that Randy asks of his guest. It is obvious from his interactions with them that he loves what he is doing!

In depth, nuances, and heart-driven
Randy does an amazing job digging into to critical intersections of the many different Asian identities that exist. It’s clear that he truly cares about how he approaches people in interviews, especially in challenging conversations around death, loss, and marginalized identities. I’m grateful podcast like The Bánh Mì Chronicles are out there because it’s so important to move past stereotypes and immerse ourselves in deeper stories.

Heartfelt and necessary
Báhn Mì Chronicles is a poignant, thorough, and culturally necessary podcast. Randy and his guests never fail to reach the heart of what they’re sharing each episode and his choice of guests speaks to a broad and focused political landscape that really represents the expanse of Asian Pacific Islander representation.

Review for The Bánh Mì Chronicles
The Bánh Mì Chronicles is a very unique online platform that provides a safe space to Asian-Americans to share their experiences, dialogues, and commentaries while at the same time adding their voice to the important discourse of AA History and being the Authors of their own story. Being able to listen to the podcast and hear AA voices share in their authentic experiences validates my own journey as a AA Woman, especially being a Khmer Woman. Thank you Bánh Mì Chronicles for creating this important space. - Dany Pen

Great podcast!
Great podcast highlighting the stories of Asian American artists and activists! I always learn something and especially appreciate the conversations with members of the LGBTQ Asian American community. Randy is an excellent host who tells important stories and highlights important issues with great respect.

Untold stories…let them be heard
I have truly enjoyed the variety of guests on this podcast and Randy is a natural. I love this as a meaningful platform to amplify AAPI stories and experiences.

Informative. Innovative. I love it!
This podcast is what I’ve needed as a Vietnamese-American writer. The guests are always incredible and Randy is a great host with empathetic questions. Highly recommend! S/O to that Cathy Park Hong episode— a classic!

This is the content AAPI and all other communities need to hear. These are the stories of our truths, not a singular narrative whittled down by colonial authority.

Breaking down the Asian American Monolith
Banh Mi Chronicles is a great podcast for Asian inclusion. Far too often, the Asian American experience is viewed as a monolith of privilege, when the reality is that it is much more nuanced than that. Randy, the host, does a great job dismantling that monolith by offering perspectives from those active in the Asian community that are outside of the larger narrative. A great podcast for anyone who is wanting to learn on the Asian American experience, and for those who want to feel seen.

Excellent Podcast into the many views of the Asian Diaspora
Randy brings to life many different aspects of the Asian diaspora not only with the fantastic individuals that he brings in, but also with many of his own personal stories that he tells during conversations that he has with his guests. Notable authors and important individuals are at ease with Randy’s journalistic interviewing style, with both able to talk freely in many discussions. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Wholesome and informative
Randy fills a knowledge gap in AAPI representation. I also feel validated by his podcast and learn new things with each podcast

Randy brings such a dynamic guest to each show and talk about relevant topics surrounding on the Asian American community. Randy is thoughtful, asking great questions with curiosity and open-mind. Whenever I listen to Randy’s podcast, I always learn something new or spark ideas on serving the Asian American community. Highly recommended

A good deep dive into AAPI issues
I do love the variety of guests, topics, and conversation style in the podcast. This has been a great podcast to listen to!

Excellent podcast and interviews!
I’m so glad I discovered this podcast! Randy has an empathetic, comfortable interviewing style, and he approaches a broad range of topics with entertaining and very informative guests. I’ve discovered so many great artists and causes thanks to this show! Highly recommended!!

Great show very informative
This show is great! Randy does an amazing job at showcasing the voices of others and creates content that is not only informative but also creates a space for Asians/Asian Americans to be heard and seen

Poignant and relevant
The Banh Mi Chronicles has every element of substance and heart. Randy is an amazing host not only for his persistence of longevity and his talent for curating guests, but for his ability to stay focused on the theme of the season and his guests’ experiences.

great interviews
Randy asks wonderfully curious questions from amazing guests, bringing out important stories and perspectives from the Asian experience

Thoughtful, engaging, and transcending
Randy has curated a thoughtful experience inviting guests from all walks of life to share their experiences. I am engaged and leave each episode with a deeper appreciation and respect for these individual’s life struggles. These struggles have these inspirational folks to advocacy and voice. Thank you for sharing so many stories form our diverse, strong, and very beautiful AAPI community.

Great content!
Love this podcast. Great interviews.

Great Topics
Randy brings up so many thought-provoking conversations that are relevant to the Asian-American community.

Great Interviews
Randy does a great job interviewing and keeping the conversations going. It’s refreshing to hear something so relatable.

Best for Asian American parenting!
I started listening due to the Viet Thanh Nguyen episode and then I started to listen to the Tony Ho Tran and then the whole podcast really blew my mind. I am a northerner and it moved me deeply considering raising biracial kids. Im thankful! Thank you. I love this podcast as a parent. I was born in 1991 in Hanoi. Born and raised in Vietnam. Went to America for college and settled down here. I didnt know the war thru the eyes of my fellow Vietnamese. It was boring history class. But now it is so vividly gripping with the time and of 2020.

A comfortable place
Beyond the great name "Bánh Mì Chronicles," Randy Kim is providing a much needed place to spotlight Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) voices and their stories. From musician Punisa Pov revealing the time her dying mother said, "I love you" for the first time over Skype to Dr. Ada Cheng, former tenured professor turned professional storyteller, there are many special moments here. I look forward to seeing how this podcast develops and grows.

Host Randy Kim Asks Thoughtful Questions
This new show is a must for anyone seeking more connection with Asian Americans and their stories. Based in Chicago, host Randy Kim, shares his life story and in doing so can inspire others. Definitely worth a listen!