Sept. 24, 2023

What the Possibilities Can Bring w/Alec Phan

What the Possibilities Can Bring w/Alec Phan

Catching up with my friend Alec Phan about his experience as a Chicago stage actor in a queer/trans-centered production, and his mom's experience as a Vietnamese singer and how it influenced Alec's work as an artist, and more!


Alec Phan (he/they) is a queer, trans, Viet-American theatre artist based in Chicago. He was last seen as Jon in an all-trans and gender non-conforming production of TICK, TICK...BOOM!, an autobiographical musical created posthumously from the solo works of RENT-creator Jonathan Larson. An actor, deviser, and musician himself, Alec believes in the power of collaborative storytelling to heal hearts and shift paradigms.

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