Oct. 31, 2021

Season 6 Finale & Going On Extended Hiatus!!!

Season 6 Finale & Going On Extended Hiatus!!!

Season 6 Finale!!!!


We reached the conclusion of Season 6, "Unfinished Business", and with that said, I am taking a hiatus from recording new episodes until next summer.  After 80+ episodes in two years, it will be great to finally take a step back and give myself some time to pause and reflect on my work.  What an amazing run it has been for me thus far, and I couldn't be more grateful for that.  For Season 6,  I am honored to hear so many incredible stories from my guests, and so thankful to all of them who were a part of this run.  The following thank-you's to my guests on Season 6 are: Andy Marra, Eric Nguyen, Akemi Kochiyama, Stacy Yung, Virginia Nguyen, Rose Khun, Ly Tran, Dany Pen, Vi Son Trinh, and Nisha Mody.  


In this Season 6 finale, I brought back former guest Amy M. Le on my show as she interviewed me about my podcast journey, personal things about me outside of the podcast, and shared our favorite episodes. Hope you enjoy this fun conversation and many thank you's to everyone for supporting my podcast for the past two years.  I look forward to being back once I'm ready!  


Many thanks to Red Scarf Revolution for sponsoring this Season 6.  Please be sure to check them out at www.redscarfrevolution.com or on IG @Red_Scarf_Revolution

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