Oct. 24, 2021

Decapitalizing Wellness w/ Nisha Mody

Decapitalizing Wellness w/ Nisha Mody

(S6, EP 9) Nisha Mody is my final guest for this Season 6 series.  Nisha is a healing & wellness coach, content creator behind @HealingHypeGirl on Instagram, and her podcast MigrAsians, and a former long-time librarian. We talked back in mid-summer when she transitioned from her work as a librarian to being an independent healing coach.  In this episode, we discuss how wellness and healing work must prioritize intersectionality and practice a decapitalism approach.  Nisha shares her own journey that led her to her work, and how liberation and social justice is tied into our long-term wellness and opportunities to do our own healing.  Listen for more on this episode!



Nisha Mody, MLIS, MA CCC-SLP (she/her) is a Feminist Healing Coach, Writer, and Librarian. Nisha values connection, compassion, curiosity, storytelling, and justice, all of which led her to becoming a healing coach with a trauma-informed lens. Nisha coaches people individually, in groups, and provides workshops about healing and trauma-informed care. You can find out more about her at www.nishaland.com and on Instagram @healinghypegirl.


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