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April 1, 2024

What Would the Stoics Do?

What Would the Stoics Do?

They're life coaches without the pyramid scheme.

Who the hell would want to be a Stoic? That was journalist Brigid Delaney’s thought when she was commissioned to write a book on Stoic philosophy. Brigid felt she was more Epicurean by nature if anything, but having now written the book Reasons Not to Worry: How to be Stoic in Chaotic Times, she's happy to admit Marcus Aurelius and co. rule her life.

In this episode, Brigid walks us through:

What to do when you have FOMO in your career.

What to do with feeling of failure.

What to do when you piss off your neighbour.

What to do when conflicts escalate.

How to cope with disaster.

How to create structure around your drinking habits.

And how to make your own shame vaccine.


Jenny reflects on how her thinking was transformed by Stoicism during a stint at Alcoholics Anonymous. Frank insists he’s a Stoic, despite regularly pulling hand guns on tradies.


Brigid Delaney's book Reasons Not to Worry

Brigid Delaney's book Wellmania

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