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Dec. 11, 2023

The First Rule of Cuddle Club...

The First Rule of Cuddle Club...

This episode is all about the oxytocin.

When confirmed sociophobe Jenny tells Frank about the Japanese trend of cuddle cafes, and how cuddle therapists and snuggle parties are now popping up in Australia, it looks like she’ll be leading this episode. Until she bottles it. And so it’s up to our resident extrovert Frank to visit the Life Spirals Cuddle Gathering in Melbourne and report back.

When Frank finally emerges blinking into the bar scene of Fitzroy, he has a thousand yard stare. But is it possible he could be profoundly changed? And will Jenny have to go back to her highly expensive oxytocin spray to try and manufacture her own form of social bonding?


Life Spirals Cuddle Gatherings

Episode released 12/12/23


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