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Nov. 27, 2023

Survive the Christmas Party: Game Plans for Introverts

Survive the Christmas Party: Game Plans for Introverts

10 ways to get through Xmas.

Welcome to episode nine, where Jenny outlines her top 10 game plans for introverts, sociophobes, awkwards, stuck-ups and wary Marys who can’t avoid the Christmas party season.

Let’s check if this episode is for you. Answer these questions with a yes or no.

  • Should people be allowed to talk when you’re eating?
  • Does one person trying to sleep outweigh the needs of two or more people wanting to party?
  • People clapping on planes when the plane lands – heartwarming?
  • Did you wear your fringe at least two inches past your eyebrows in high school?

If you answered no, yes, no, yes, you should definitely hit download.

This episode we’re joined by Matto from Tell Your Friends You Love Them, a gregarious host who moonlights at festivals such as OK Motels and Boogie Festival as their warm-up guy and good-times purveyor. He gives us all his best tips for conversation starters, reading the room, mindset ideas and confidence hacks. Add that to Frank’s natural-born bon vivantiness (he is the youngest of seven, after all) and Jenny’s nerdy research, and we’ll have you hitting Christmas parties like a one-person SWAT team.


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Boogie Festival

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Episode released 28/11/23


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