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March 18, 2024

Nudity and Naturism

Nudity and Naturism

We're naked in this booth right now

The English and the Australians – of which we here at Spirit Levels represent both – are notoriously prudish when it comes to nudity, so Frank and Jenny want to know if they can break their conditioning. This episode takes us from tischtennis halls of Berlin to the secret beaches of Australia. Listen along:

01.16 Frank slept in his mum and dad’s bed till he was six.

02.33 Titillation is not the same as nudity (yeah, Frank).

03.56 Lucian Freud: Oh my god.

04.20 Are all nudists = perverts or is that just an English equation?

05.48 Nude sport options in Berlin.

06.35 Visiting Stadtbad Neukölln.

08.41 Freikopterkultur (FKK) and ‘free body culture’ in Germany.

10.15 Ela, from Frankfurt Oder, tells us about FKK when she was growing up.

16.18 How Bravo magazine freaked out Ela’s sister’s host family in the US.

18.21 Finally! Time for the nude table tennis.

20.01 Naturists and conservation (featuring a cameo from a rare orchid).

22.35 Jenny and Frank go ‘beyond the wire’ in Portsea.

25.02 A sad story about jetskis.

29.44 Ritualistic nude events, like Dark Mofo’s Winter Solstice Swim and the Sydney Skinny.

30.20 Yoni sunning – the kinda Taoist practice that draws in solar energy and Vitamin D.


Stadtbad Neukölln

Dark Mofo Nude Solstice Swim

The Sydney Skinny

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