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Dec. 4, 2023

Do First Crushes Shape Our Patterns?

Do First Crushes Shape Our Patterns?

What's your love DNA?

Think back to you, aged 10. If your way of demonstrating romantic interest entailed throwing a tennis ball at someone’s head in recess, has anything really changed in your passage to adulthood, other than the method of delivery?


This episode, we investigate whether our first romantic experiences dictate our patterns for life.


Frank’s early pattern was to befriend someone and play the long game. Jenny would choose inscrutable men she could project qualities on to, before finding out inscrutable usually means ‘has nothing to say’.


This being Frank’s episode, he indulges himself by tracking down his primary school love, Lisa Rankin, to see if his memories match up to hers, and whether their patterns were set for life. Along the way you’ll hear cute-as-hell stories from others about their first loves, taking us from cult commune to police bust.




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Episode released 5/12/23


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