The podcast that pressure tests the wellness industry, from the pseudo to the sensible


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A must listen
This podcast is one of my absolute favourites. Writer and journalist Jenny Valentish explores some of the more ‘out there’ wellness cures with much hilarity alongside her partner Frank. It’s engaging, fearless and makes me smile.

Nicer than Bonnie & Clyde
Each episode showcases brilliance with consistently hilarious moments. Jenny and Frank's on-air chemistry, fueled by their contrasting personalities, brings about entertaining results. The meticulously researched topics just keep on coming. Love it.

Thank you
Thank you for engaging and interesting topics!! It’s a pleasure listening to. Really like how you can sense your chemistry in the studio.

Super recommend!
Engaging, educational, funny - Jenny & Frank have such a great dynamic it’s wonderful just to listen to them - and then learning about a ton of fascinating stuff at the same time is the icing on the cake.

Insightful, smart, witty AF
Jenny Valentish is one of my favourite writers, so I was eager to see how it’d translate into my ears. I’m loving this series so far - I’m 3 eps in. It’s not only helpful and eye opening, but Jenny and her fella Frank’s banter is hilarious - listen out for the little nuances. Looking forward to seeing what’s next on their debunking agenda!

Hitting its straps already in Ep 2!
Have listened to the first two eps of this new podcast while commuting on my motorcycle. The relaxed dynamic Frank and Jenny have with each other makes for a fun and interesting listen. And Jenny’s interviewing skills speak to her journalistic chops. Get into this series!

Great start!
Well done, a good start to your season - sleep is a hot topic for so many people. I enjoy your distinctive voices and also the production which is refreshingly different to most interview-based pods.

Jenny and Frank — dynamic, curious and adventurous — promise and deliver a fun-filled ride. As a journalist and a yogi, this podcast was made for me; can’t wait for more.

Well, well, well.
Looking forward to seeing where these wellness adventures take you! Great concept, top banter.