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Oct. 16, 2023

Run Before You Can Walk

Run Before You Can Walk

The fitness metrics that can give you your physical blueprint.

Is throwing yourself full tilt into a physical activity a noble leap or a nosedive? It's marathon season in Australia, inspiring many of us to leap from 5k to much grander feats of endurance. And runners aren't the only culprits! In the recent past, Jenny has hurtled headfirst into Muay Thai fighting and competitive bodybuilding like the world is about to end, while Frank has found himself in seriously gnarly surfing and rockclimbing situations, but believes who dares wins.

This episode, we look at Strava show-offs, the gospel of David Goggins and the influence of figures like the Liver King, in our bid to weigh up short cuts versus mastery. Let's say you decide to make the leap into a sport or event. What tests can you get so that forewarned is forearmed? Frank and Jenny get a barrage of them done and tell you how you can do the same. We're helped in this mission by Doc Adrian Jury and our friends from the Stronger Stride podcast as well as the team at La Trobe University Bendigo's Rural Health School/Holsworth Research Initiative.

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