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March 11, 2024

What Can a Performance Coach Teach Us All?

What Can a Performance Coach Teach Us All?

Sport psychology is psychology on steroids

Sport psychology is psychology on steroids. Athletes experience success failure, goal-setting and pressure at a heightened level, so delving into their mindsets has so much to teach us mere mortals about optimising our everyday lives.

Our guest is mental fitness coach Brett Stephens, aka Moose. He’s a former professional footballer who then became a performance coach on the professional tennis circuit for over 20 years (including full-time for Pete Sampras in the last 5 years of the tennis legend’s career), also working with surfers, golfers and other athletes. He’s a larger-than-life character on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia, where he lives now.

We’ve time-stamped Moose’s interview below so you can jump to the key points.

05.55 Pete Sampras’s game plan when he didn’t win a tournament for two years

08.20 Moose’s philosophy of effort over perfection

09.25 Your attitude towards losing is more important than your attitude towards winning

09.52 How his first conversation with a new client goes

11.03 The trap of getting caught up in the outcome

11.34 Use negative thoughts as fuel

13.07 You may be evolving fast, but so is your industry

14.21 The language of mindset coaching

15.19 You can lose your temper, but you must reset fast

16.03 The impact of social media distraction on performance

18.29 How do you deal with, overzealous parents?

19.31 Is it important to visualise being number one?

23.51 The optimum state of ‘relaxed intensity’

25.08 The chief lesson Moose learned on his AFL journey

27.57 Working with Pete Sampras


Moose as motivational speaker

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