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Feb. 26, 2024

Energy Healing, Manifesting and the Placebo Effect

Energy Healing, Manifesting and the Placebo Effect

Trigger warning: contains alien implants.

Is calling yourself 'Mother God' a legit way to promote healing around the world or a chronic case of spiritual narcissism? Is reading The Secret a neat way of visualising your goals or as entitled as Veruca Salt demanding a Oompa Loompa? Do energy healers really have special powers or is it the power of the placebo effect?

This episode, Frank and Jenny probe Jenny’s scepticism of energy healing and manifesting abundance. (Actually don’t say ‘probe’, that will bring up buried memories of the alien implant the Zeta Reticulans put in her pelvic bowl.) They’re aided by licensed psychotherapist Joe Nucci, who you may know from his no-bullshit social media videos, aimed at arming you with knowledge to navigate mental health (mis)information.



Joe Nucci on Insta and his website.

Jenny’s blog New Age Guinea Pig.

An interesting paper, Extraterrestrial Pregnancies and Nasal Implants by Marika Moisseef.

Lo Carmen’s rad new podcast, Death Is Not The End.

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