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The state of Florida has a vendetta
The way this story was told was gripping and I felt so disappointed every time Leo was let down by the justice system and the state of Florida. It is clear that a vendetta was set out against him and they CHOSE not to seek out any other suspects because they did not want their own incompetence to be shown. I hope Leo gets to be with his family and gets justice for Michelle.

Great investigative journalism and storytelling
Extremely well done in all fronts. The research, the storytelling, the production and audio, everything. So glad I started listening.

Must listen
Everyone needs to hear this podcast. Especially anyone who works in our legal system. It’s profound and life changing.

Gripping storytelling
This podcast was one of the best I’ve listened to; I binged the episodes and was in awe of the research done by the reporters. Bravo !

Absolutely Incredible Reporting
I have listened to about 20 “true crime” podcasts over the last few years. A few friends recommend this podcast as I’m in Hillsborough county and local and thought I would be intrigued. When I tell you I was RIVETED and this is hands down the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. The story telling is impeccable, the empathy and sympathy with which the stories are told had me in literal tears and smiling during the (few) happy moments. Gilbert and Kelsey have amazing interviewing chemistry and I cannot say enough good things. I have told everyone I know about this podcast and deep dived into the social media, pics and transcripts after bingeing this in a record breaking 2 days. This is my first review but I need people to know how outstanding this podcast is. Thank you for telling Leo’s story, thank you for your sympathy for Jeremy and his story. Thank you for everything. I look forward to updates and future podcasts. 🖤

Absolute best true crime podcast out there. Continually evolving and such a bombshell of a story.

Absolutely riveting, such a experience that everyone should hear
Amazing delivery and reporting on what happened. I sincerely hope this story creates pressure on those involved to earnestly look at the physical evidence and review the case.

From a true crime fanatic…
This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. I made the mistake of skipping over it simply based on the name, imagining it were one of those salacious, tabloid-esque podcasts. It’s not. Gilbert King and Kelsey Decker gave this story what it deserves. They don’t hide who Leo and Jeremy were or are, they don’t make any attempts at painting either as overly sympathetic, nor do they demonize them. Rather, a full portrait of who these men were and are is painted. The music is fitting. Particularly the verse: sorrows depths are endless. It left me with that gutted feeling I only get from finishing a novel.

Really good
This has podcast has me shook. Thank you for telling this story and for having respect for- even when hard- every player in it. Really well done.

Where’s the hat?
Wondering about the hat left in the back seat of Michelle’s car that should have incriminating evidence on it. Jeremy Scott mentioned it was his cousin’s and should have initials, or a name, but better yet, hair strands left inside it. Jeremy knew about this hair - what’s happened to this key piece of evidence?

Mostly good, but there were some parts in poor taste
Captivating, until I got to Jeremy’s letter. I thought the way the narrator read it was unprofessional and rude. I used to do transcription (commercial, not legal) and we would edit the transcription slightly for clarity and readability, and because we didn’t want to make anyone seem stupid. We already know about Jeremy’s intellectual capabilities, so reading the letter as written is unnecessary. Kind of a duck move.

TEAM LEO!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Team Leo alllll the way!!! 9 months ain’t nothin but a meatball! Let’s goooooo!! 🎉

I just finished listening, and to the bonus episode after the most recent parole hearing. I am just without adequate words to explain how upsetting this story is. 35 years in prison for a crime that he did not commit. The reporting was phenomenal. I applauded all of you who have been a part of trying g to get Leo out. Wow! The “justice” system is so scary.

Excellent listen
This podcast was captivating and very well done. Hard to believe stuff like this happens. Thank you for bringing awareness about how corrupt the justice system is! Free Leo!

Gripping and shocking - you won’t stop listening
Most true crime leaves you unsatisfied, but this story ends with all the answers. Let’s hope a good soul in the Florida justice system listens and does the right thing - exonerate Leo now. The reporting is excellent and filled with integrity and no smoke and mirror razzmatazz. This is the real deal. If only more of life was this carefully managed and examined.

Absolutely insane!! What are we as citizens supposed to think when such grievances, and unfair practices of justice, is handed out without the weighing in the truth? This man is innocent . Are they worried about paying this man for their failure? Well good job Florida! Every year adds up for more $$. This man will get out. They will pay for their failures. Sadly it takes his life and time away. I’m heartbroken over this. Justice my a$&. Smh hopes for true justice in a year.

This was so meaningful
I so very appreciate the integrity of this podcast. I am so appreciative of how well It was done. I pray Leo gets out and exonerated because it seems the evidence proves that. I also, feel like the investigation team, I feel badly for Jeremy who has no one on his team. It is clear he did horrific crimes but even the victim’s husband has compassion for him. This was very well done.

Heart wrenching story and frightening look into the criminal justice system. Where’s the justice in justice system? More like “just a system.” Hoping for positive outcomes for Michael Schofield although there can never be real justice. Please continue to update.

I have listened to many podcasts around similar topics and never has a story captured me quite like this one. Absolutely gripping storytelling, with the most deserving person at the center. Incredible work Gilbert and Kelsey. The latest bonus episode had tears streaming down my face. Sending love and hope - Team Leo, all the way.

The Very Best!
I listen to podcasts daily, and Bone Valley is by far the very best in my library. One of the most enthralling, heart wrenching, infuriating true crime stories created. Now I’m waiting for 9 months, too, to hear Leo’s hopefully triumphant return. Great podcast narrators without the commercials every three minutes, poor audio, & laid back wine & cheese approach of so many current podcasts. The will be my #1 recommendation from now on.

Heartbreaking story
This podcast is extraordinary. The host voice is easy listening. The research is thorough. Mr. Schofield is an amazing person to keep trudging ahead thru all the adversity he has endured. It is heartwarming to know he has family, professionals and friends for advocacy & support. He also has so much virtual support from listeners like me. When I read the news of parole denial, I cried. Cried for a person I didn’t know but feel so strongly about his innocence from following this podcast. I look forward to updates and hope for his release in the near future. Thank you.

Free Leo!
This has been some of the most moving & best reported podcasts I’ve ever heard. Bravo! Thank you for gifting us the chance to get to know Leo and letting us experience how invested you all were to Leo’s innocence.

INJUSTICE AGAIN!! What do we do now??
This podcast is incredible, the story is REAL, the HORROR is still happening TODAY (MAY, 2023) I don’t review podcasts, but EVERYBODY MUST LISTEN and take ACTION. I’m in shock. What can supporters do now to help????????(MAY, 2023)

Moved to review. First review of a podcast ever
I listen to many podcasts and I have never been moved to review a podcast before. This is my first ever review and I just listed to the Nothing but a Meatball episode and I was moved to tears. Hearing the genuine love and respect between your team and Leo has me sobbing. I hope this next year goes quickly and Leo is finally released to live the life he has been robbed of. Thank you for sharing Leo’s story and although I’m disappointed in the parole board results this year I’m hopeful. God bless Leo, his entire family, and you for caring and sharing his story.

Great reporting‼️
A riveting case much illuminated by your fantastic work! BRING LEO HOME‼️🌈

Excellent work
I just got done listening to this podcast and can not wait to hear what happens tomorrow, 05/03/2023. My prayers go out to Leo. An injustice has been done here and his attitude is absolutely amazing! He’s a strong man and with God willing, he will get justice for Michelle. This podcast has done the due diligence that should’ve been done 30 years ago. Great work!

Amazing detective work & reporting.
After listening to this podcast of how Gilbert, Kelsey and Judge Cupp (as well as many others) have come together to bring this case to light….I don’t know how anyone could possibly think that Leo Schofield could have anything to do with the murder of his wife, Michelle. I am praying for his exoneration of this abomination of the State of Florida.

Amazing and shameful at the same time
First, Gilbert and Kelsie did an incredible job of laying out the case. So incredibly sad. Each turn in the story, I kept thinking was the moment of redemption and resolution. I was brought to tears in the end. At the same time, I was filled with so much rage. Secondly, THE POLK COUNTY PROSECUTORS AND JUSTICE SYSTEM SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. How shameful that they have taken a man’s life! They are guilty of the same crime as Jeremy. They have stolen and ended a life. PUT THEM BEHIND BARS. Thank u for putting this together. I hope that the Justice system will do the right thing here, but like Leo, I’m no longer hopeful.

Leo is innocent!
I stumbled upon your podcast by accident and can truly say this podcast rates #1 with me! Although Leo’s story is so terribly sad, you have placed a shining star on him and his innocence. Leo sounds like a wonderful human and I have no doubt he will take that shining star with him wherever he goes ❤️ I look forward to hearing about his release later in June❤️❤️ keep up the great work your doing because no doubt Leo’s story is one of thousands of people who have been wrongly convicted . I wish you, the team, and especially Leo and his loving family the best and Godspeed ❤️❤️❤️

Incredible story
Leo’s story has stuck with me since I first listened nearly a year ago. Since then I’ve listened a second time and always checking for any updates on the case. Gilbert and Kelsey present everything so well. I admire their dedication to Leo and Michelle.