Bone Valley

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I have listened to about 20 “true crime” podcasts over the last few years. A few friends recommend this podcast as I’m in Hillsborough county and local and thought I would be intrigued. When I tell you I was RIVETED and this is hands down the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. The story telling is impeccable, the empathy and sympathy with which the stories are told had me in literal tears and smiling during the (few) happy moments. Gilbert and Kelsey have amazing interviewing chemistry and I cannot say enough good things. I have told everyone I know about this podcast and deep dived into the social media, pics and transcripts after bingeing this in a record breaking 2 days. This is my first review but I need people to know how outstanding this podcast is. Thank you for telling Leo’s story, thank you for your sympathy for Jeremy and his story. Thank you for everything. I look forward to updates and future podcasts. 🖤

June 15, 2023 by Dshep623 on Apple Podcasts

Bone Valley

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