Bone Valley

Jason Flom

This is so good & knew it would because of Jason..The narrative is so good. I live in Orlando so of course I had to listen. Listening to Leo you can tell just in his voice he is being truthful and it’s a shame that people spend so long in prison when they are innocent. I have listened to wrongful conviction with Jason and I heard just about everything. Death penalty should be abolished, just one person put to death when they are innocent is one to many. Great podcast sad story, love Gilbert’s voice which is important to be able to listen to a story!!!also maybe you shouldn’t make this a pay wall only to get the word out about clearly a wrongful conviction. Some people are struggling and just cannot afford to pay. Think about it so Leo can get set free just like Adnan Syed did and that was not a pay wall sorta thing.. thanks THIS IS AM UPDATE AFTER LISTENING TO THI 3 TIMES AND OMG SO GOOD BUT WHERE CAN WE REACH OUT TO MR SCOTT YES YES JERAMY I WOILS LIKE TO GIVE HIM SOME SUPPORT!!! ALSO PLEASE LET US KNOW WHEN LEO’S NEXT PAROLE HEARING SO WE CAN COME OUT AND SUPPORT THIS RIDICULOUS AND UNJUST CONVICTION OF LEO. I LIVE IN ORLANDO, SO NOT FAR!!! PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE US. 100% BELIEVE THE PAY WALL WAS ABSOLUTELY NEEDED TO SUPPORT YOU AND KELSEY DURING YOUR TRAVELS SO THANK YOU!!!! OMG WE HAVE TO DI SOMETHING…

June 29, 2023 by pjbrock on Apple Podcasts

Bone Valley

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