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Bone Valley
This podcast is riveting! I listen to them all! All the crime podcasts, so many different ones and this is captivating! Listen now.

Best of the Best
I am a true crime power listener. I follow cases that have multiple episodes and get you into the story and attached to the victims. Bone Valley is the most incredible podcast I have come across. The storytelling is detailed and passionate it’s seek of justice and best of all portrays real people & real emotion. I would give this 10 stars if it was available. The interviews, research and recorded phone calls with parties that were involved make the story truly stick with you. The only other podcast that comes close is Counter Clock. That too has impeccable storytelling and draws you in so deep. Thank you for producing such a quality, amazing podcast. I am so sad it is over and look forward to more material from this crew. #justiceforLeo #overturnconviction #michellewantstoRESTINPEACE

Central Florida True Crime/Social Justice
I am a professional house cleaner in Jacksonville FL and listen to podcasts while I clean. I feel like I’m a bit of a podcast snob in that I like a great story, voices that are pleasing and easy to understand, and content that is meaningful. When I searched for podcasts set in Florida Bone Valley showed up and I was hooked. In the past I’d tell people that Serial and This American Life were my all time favorites but I have had to bump Bone Valley up on the list. It’s so well researched and put together in a way that you are compelled to binge it. I have listened to it more than once as I picked up more the second time around. Also, if you listen, I suggest you also read the episode notes and see the photographs Gilbert King added. It makes the story more full and compelling. And in the end, you are encouraged to take some action to help right a wrong in the FL justice system. This is not just another true crime podcast. This is the best. I hope more podcasters strive to do such a fine job and I look forward to more from the Bone Valley team.

Powerful- Brought me to tears
Wow!! What a powerful story and investigation. No podcast has ever brought me to tears, except this one. By the end of it, tears were streaming down my face bc it is just so sad. And I could feel the frustration and helplessness of everyone involved. Very moving and touched me very deeply. Amazing job!

Everyone Should Listen
I came across this podcast when I was in search of a new true crime podcast. Gilbert and Kelsey are doing such important work here! They presented this harrowing, heartbreaking, and maddening tale with the utmost professionalism. The passion they have for the pursuit of justice and truth shines throughout. The corruption of the Florida justice system sickens me, and I found myself so angry and frustrated. My heart goes out to Leo, and I am in awe of his strength of spirit amidst all the sorrow, injustice and unfounded spitefulness he’s received. To all involved: keep fighting the good fight.

All in
Listen to this podcast. You will not be disappointed. I haven't been this sucked in to a story since the 1st season of Culpable. Fantastic job by everyone involved on this one. The heartfelt human experiences of everyone involved in Leo's story, will stir your soul.

All of the emotions
I listen to A LOT of podcasts and I have never felt this compelled to write a review. I was looking for a series and I am so thankful I landed on Bone Valley. Throughout this podcast, I felt frustrated at the legal system, angry and sad for Leo, devastated for Michelle’s family, in awe of Crissie’s determination and devotion, shocked (in good way) at Scott Cupp’s ultimate decision, hopeless about Leo’s future, then hopeful for Leo’s future and impressed by Gilbert King’s commitment to Leo’s story and drive to see it through. Also, so proud of Kelsey for rising to the challenge! I was drawn in to the humanity of the story and the way it was told. It was both factual and emotional. No stone was left unturned. I was crying during the last bonus episode because Leo is the perfect combination of grace and grit. The way that he handles what comes his way is a testament to both his character and steadfast commitment to the truth. We all know that God is always working, but it is on His time, not ours. Leo embraces this and embodies patience and fortitude. I have learned so much from him. I am sad that I am done with the podcast but will be praying for Leo and the next chapter in his life. He has already made such an impact and I can’t wait to see where he goes from here. Thank you Gilbert, Kelsey and team. Well done.

Binge Worthy
I could not stop listening. It had me hooked from beginning to end. You will not want to miss a single minute of this show. It’s a television series for your ears.

Amazing podcast
I’ve been glued to this podcast since I started listening! I’ve been rooting for Leo and every time he was denied parole my heart broke for him and his family! I must say I sobbed along with Kelsey in the last episode. I can’t wait for an update, this podcast was amazing hope you all continue doing this work! Good luck to you all!

Blown Away
I am so impressed and touched by this tragic and complex story and the way Gilbert and team brought it to life. Everyone should listen to this podcast. Leo, I am rooting for you!

Best podcast in a long time!!
I’m so hooked since the first 5 min! Amazing work, can’t wait to finish

Great podcast but Extremely frustrating
This podcast is amazing! I was hanging onto every word and could not wait for the next episode. Leo is an amazing human and so resilient. I admire his faith and tenacity. It is so frustrating that the judicial system did not right this wrong!! Thank you for the amazing journalism and telling his story.

Very well done, well researched! Really heartbreaking but amazing podcast. I wish there was more I could do to help Leo! Thank you to all involved!

Essential listen
Investigative journalism at its very best. Enthralling and heartbreaking story. A must listen.

Very, very, VERY well done!
So well researched. The tone is incredibly balanced. I always stray away from overly conclusive podcasts. I love this one because the listeners can actually hear the reasoning and analysis over any opinion. This is more of an ART than a podcast. Definitely worth listening!

I was just blown away listening to this podcast. It was Incredibly well researched and presented but so disturbing!

So captivating. This podcast is so well-told and well-researched, and the story itself is twisting and heartbreaking. Everyone should listen to this story.

Like many others, I am a true crime podcast fanatic. This, BY FAR, is the very best that I’ve listened to. At the same time, it’s terribly sad that in this country you can go to prison because a person decides that is what they want, because it’s easier than to investigate. The FL DOJ should have to pay this man amounts that his great-great-great grandkids shouldn’t have to worry with money. Really enjoyed Leo’s story. Hated to finish the last bonus episode. Godspeed Leo, may God turn his face upon you, go before you, behind you, all around you. His plan for you is just in the beginning stages. Be Blessed!

20 out of 10
This is the BEST episodic podcast to come out since Serial. I cannot believe this has not gone viral.

The first to bring me to tears…
I’ve listened to a LOT of true crime podcasts… I’m a bit of a true crime junkie. And I’ve been moved by many stories of wrongful conviction, but NONE have moved me the way this story has. Gilbert and Kelsey weave a story like no other. To tell Leo’s story would have been enough, but the WAY it was told was so captivating. I’ve never been brought to tears listening to a podcast, until now. I’m so invested in this story that I can’t stop thinking about it and how I could possibly help. We ALL need to hear this story. At the heart of it is truth. And Leo put it beat when he said that his story transcends what anyone else thinks… because it’s the truth and nothing can change that. This is truly a case of storytelling changing the world. And I PRAY it changes the world of Leo and his family. Justice is deserved.

Amazing investigation and Sad Reality
This story is so well told! Captivating and unbelievable! It sickens me that there are no checks and balances on law enforcement when things are incredibly corrupt! In between the lines could not read clearer, and unfortunately all of that evidence isn’t enough for justice! Great professionalism, story telling and heart is in every episode. The best true crime podcast there’s been in years!

Bone Valley
Cannot miss this podcast. Praying for the right outcome. Five stars!

I’ve been listening to true crime podcasts for several years now. Y’all have become one of my favorites!!! I love approach you took, the way that you talked to the actual people involved and the overall presentation. I look forward to a second season!!!

Two words tell you all you need to know: Polk county
As a true crime aficionado, I was surprised to find that I was listening to a podcast about a guy I once supervised when I worked for the state of Florida. His reputation for being innocent of the crime he was found guilty of preceded him, especially among fellow inmates. Sure sounds like he got railroaded by the Polk county good-ole-boy system.

A must listen.
Mesmerizing from the first episode. A must listen.

Mesmerizing storytelling
Could not stop listening. I hope he gets out, and soon. I really struggled with one aspect of all of this. Chrissie violated every ethical boundary we social workers have and I am shocked she is still allowed to call herself a social worker, much less carry a license. She lacked professional boundaries by developing a personal relationship with an inmate in her role in the prison. And she seems unconcerned about it cause Leo was a nice guy. I mean lucky for Leo she violated her ethics but still….unpalatable for sure.

Top of my list pod cast- A MUST listen to!!
This podcast was so frustrating.. Due to the injustice of our state's legal system.For what? So they don't have to say they were wrong?? They destroyed a man's right to a future.. Leo has got to be one of the strongest men anyone could know, to have gone through all the loss that he did. And then to be unjustly accused of a crime that all of us hearing this podcast knew from the get-go.. He did not do! I am so sorry for all you have had to endure. To everyone who never gave up and kept the fight going.. You should be truly proud of the work you've done on this case!! This made me ANGERY.. Sad.. and at times in tears for ALL of you. You ever gave up.. You kept digging and because of that you made the world see the truth! My prayers to all of you!

This was the most amazing story in a totally gut wrenching way! I was left sobbing at the end and actually felt compassion for Jeremy! A lesson in life as well as a total travesty!!!!! Such a dichotomy of emotion!!!!!!!!

Just listen.
This story is just incredible. Thank you Gilbert, Kelsey, and everyone else who worked so hard to share Leo’s story — it has truly moved me beyond words. Everyone needs to hear this.

My only suggestion is to not listen to it while driving because you will scream and cry and be left in disbelief. Thank you for sharing this unbelievable story.