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This was like a page turner book I couldn’t put down
Excellent reporting and storytelling. Tragic story told on a way that completely engrossed me. Stayed up until 2am to finish it!

Excellent Podcast- a must listen
This story is heart breaking. I have so enjoyed this podcast, which is hard to say because the content is sad and infuriating, but the story telling is riveting and so well done. Thank you Gilbert and Kelsey for putting your all into telling this story and looking for the justice that is so well deserved for Michelle and Leo! I have loved the updates and admire the dedication to this.

One of the best since Serial!
I can’t even express how incredible that was. RIVETING!! And devastating. And infuriating. I was literally yelling in my car! One of the best podcasts since Serial!

Fantastic Podcast
Thank you for updating us! I just sobbed through that last episode. This is an incredibly heartbreaking and complicated story and this podcast does an amazing job telling the story with empathy. Investigative journalism at its finest, excellent sound production. The music is also incredible- bravo Leo. Florida is trash and so is our justice system. I really hope Leo gets justice.

Todays the day
Sending all my love and prayers and support to Leo and his team today April 17. This is THE best podcast ever made.

I could not stop listening. I gasped out loud often I shed tears I shook my head. I prayed I imagined myself being in the situation or having a loved one in the situation and what I would do - would I be like Leo ans so diol i’d grace and determination? I also assumed the worst & I played devils advocate, there are so many different emotions, and so many layers in this podcast and in the story. The prayer war room and the way Leo shared and how he leaned on his faith and in the Hope that comes in knowing Jesus was amazing to see play out. Thank you for such a well documented podcast. Obviously this podcast made of huge difference in leo’s case. I applaud your efforts. I also applaud the efforts of all those who have stood by Leo & worked so hard to see him be free.

It is so empathetic of the hosts to keep their audience informed and updated on Leo’s progress. Their support and belief in him is a testament to humankind’s existence that we can still do good on this planet.

Bone rattling and chilling!
Really good podcast on an, unfortunate, scandalous theme: how short sided government agents ruin the lives of innocent people… Hear me good; I’m not Anti-government person, the opposite! When people who are appointed to enforce the law in contrast make their own rules and keep citizens from experiencing a good working law, system that’s just scandalous, making the US not better than countries like Russia or even north-Korea, and these people should be held responsible. Leo should be a free man and compensated tremendously for the wrongdoing he has experienced all these decades… to that extent a very disappointing cast, without a good ending.

Amazing Journey
This podcast details an amazing story of injustice due to the wrongful conviction of Leo Schofield. It also provides detailed information about the character of Leo and his perseverance. I cannot even imagine. It would be difficult no to be bitter and resentful. So glad to have learned about this case through The Prosecutors Podcast. Well worth the time to listen and learn. Wishing Leo and those who strive to help him Godspeed! You all are in my prayers.

Very well done
Could not stop listening! Keep recording.

A must listen
Amazing and articulate. Highly recommend. I couldn’t stop listening to this unbelievable story!

Riveting podcast
This is the absolute best true crime podcast I have listened to (and I have listened to hundreds). It is an incredible story and not to be missed.

Amazing, Gut wrenching, Powerful
I’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts and this is among the top 3, probably top 2. Amazing storytelling and production. Some of the interviews with Leo and Jeremy are absolutely gripping! Will recommend to everyone I know.

Great podcast! Annoying loud swallowing
I loved the podcast but is there any way you all could’ve cut out at least some of Jeremy’s loud, wet swallowing? It drove me crazy in the “Coming Clean” episode. It was hard for me to continue to listen haha

Gut wrenching
Wow!! You guys know how to pull the emotions out of me. This story really had me feeling everything with you, the tears, the sorrow, the grief- especially after going through the evidence. Thank you for doing this podcast and exposing the injustice done to Leo Schofield. I realize he isn’t a perfect human being, but I truly believe he is innocent and justice was not served for him. I appreciate the judge bringing this case to your attention, and you moving to Florida for the time being to share this story.

Prosecutors on Schofield
Bone Valley is my favorite podcast. The Prosecutors did a great job on their examination of the case.

Blown Away
I am not only impressed with the production of this podcast, but the story was gut-wrenching and raw and REAL. Thank you to all involved…for bringing to light the all-too-true issues faced by too many undeserving people thrown into an unjust system, for giving humanity to the inhumane, and for delicately navigating the struggle between good vs evil, truth vs falsehood, and forgiveness vs the unforgivable. I will forever be impacted by this story, for so many reasons. You have made me change my opinion of the legal system and those who are falsely convicted…but also those who are responsible for heinous acts. What an incredible journey, with takeaways that will resonate with me the rest of my life.

Well made and heart breaking podcast
This podcast was very well made. The story is told in a way to honor Michelle and easy to follow as someone new to her case. I hope they are able to free Leo.

Gamer Changer
This podcast is a must listen!! It’s yet another disgusting taste of reality into just how bad our justice system is…across this country. I believed in our system but now I know first hand that we are all just one bad investigator away from being a Leo! We must do something to bring about change bc as it stands the cops and justice system that protect them are more criminal then half the people they set up and lock away!! Sad but listen and see just how often the Injustice system of our country gets it wrong!

Gripping, masterful, infuriating
One of the best podcasts ever. I had to make myself stop listening to get things done! The wrong done by the state in this case is maddening and infuriating, and their ignoring evidence in this murder (and the other murder) is utterly flabbergasting and criminal. Beyond excellent!

Great podcast
This case is infuriating. The state and people working for them should be ashamed of themselves. It is scary that these are the type of people that we are supposed to put our trust in to lead our justice system. Also sad for Michelle that they are not interested in real justice for her. What are the odds that a convicted murderer simply stumbled upon her car and left his finger prints from only stealing a radio. Come on.

WOW!!! Just WOW!!
This just blows my mind!! I’ve shed tears over this!! Awesome job! I listened based on the recommend by The Prosecutors. I’m so glad I did. And I signed the petition. I believe Leo is innocent. And I believe Jeremy is telling the truth and that he is remorseful.

Could not get enough and can’t stop thinking about this story. I pray people step up and do the right thing someday.

Review of this podcast is a 10 out of 10
Fantastic Emotional On the edge of seat Very well done

Best podcast I’ve heard in some time!
I am always struggling to find a podcast that captivates me and I am so glad I stumbled across this. I could not stop listening and binged this until the end! One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to in awhile, definitely recommend listening.

Sickening that this happened
Truly unimaginable that peoples lives are ruined at the hands of an unethical, dishonest, corrupt person and/or people. I know this is nothing new and it’s still happening, but none the less it’s shocking. Hope the state attorney conscious was clear before died

How in the world is something like this even possible? Absolutely sickening. Great reporting Gilbert.

This podcast is so good, I wish I could give it 10 stars. Gilbert and Kelsie do such an amazing job! What a heartbreaking story!

Cannot count how many times I said that as I listened. Highly recommend.

So glad I found this podcast
Recommended by The Prosecutor’s Podcast and really enjoyed the first episode. Excited to listen to the rest while I clean this weekend!