Bone Valley

Blown Away

I am not only impressed with the production of this podcast, but the story was gut-wrenching and raw and REAL. Thank you to all involved…for bringing to light the all-too-true issues faced by too many undeserving people thrown into an unjust system, for giving humanity to the inhumane, and for delicately navigating the struggle between good vs evil, truth vs falsehood, and forgiveness vs the unforgivable. I will forever be impacted by this story, for so many reasons. You have made me change my opinion of the legal system and those who are falsely convicted…but also those who are responsible for heinous acts. What an incredible journey, with takeaways that will resonate with me the rest of my life.

March 7, 2024 by WheelaFortune on Apple Podcasts

Bone Valley

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