Bone Valley


I could not stop listening. I gasped out loud often I shed tears I shook my head. I prayed I imagined myself being in the situation or having a loved one in the situation and what I would do - would I be like Leo ans so diol i’d grace and determination? I also assumed the worst & I played devils advocate, there are so many different emotions, and so many layers in this podcast and in the story. The prayer war room and the way Leo shared and how he leaned on his faith and in the Hope that comes in knowing Jesus was amazing to see play out. Thank you for such a well documented podcast. Obviously this podcast made of huge difference in leo’s case. I applaud your efforts. I also applaud the efforts of all those who have stood by Leo & worked so hard to see him be free.

April 16, 2024 by Colleen OS on Apple Podcasts

Bone Valley

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