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Ahhhh amazing.
I’m so on edge. Can’t we all just go picket at the courthouse? How can the state be so obvious they don’t want to change this and face lawsuits?! Just so sad. So glad I no longer live in FL. I hope he gets his justice. Great job!

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I’ve never written a review for a podcast before despite being an avid listener for years. This is one of the most profound and spell-binding stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. Truly portrays the dynamism of humans. Thank you and bravo. Justice for Leo and Michelle, but also love to Jeremy.

a must listen to
JESUS H. CHRIST. What the f is wrong with people?!

Fun and addictive and I will be back to you
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Bone Valley
I couldn’t not listen to every episode! I am in constant prayer that Leo gets released, if he’s not already! God is in the details! Great job Gilbert and Kelsey

Stellar Story Telling…
So good! Drop everything and listen to this podcast. Heartbreaking and I’m awe! Gilbert and Kelsey, well done and thank you for all you invested.

All of Florida is literal trash
Impressive reporting about a whole lot of disgusting people. Most impressive might be the fact that the reporters didn’t set fire to the entire state when uncovering the truth of this absolute travesty. Hoping for justice, though it seems unlikely.

This man is innocent!!! Heart-wrenching story

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I want to be like Leo
This story will tick you off. The injustice, the pain, the corruption, the pain, the heartbreak. But also, the hope, the inspiration, the people fighting for justice and truth. And then…Leo. What a beautiful and redeemed man who loves God and his family and his fellow inmates so well. In awe of him and his attitude through it all. Wow. Praying for true justice for Leo. He is a world changer behind bars and wait until he gets out - what a blessing he will be to so many more people.

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Thank you
Thank you for telling his story when so many have fallen short. It makes me angry that some people have been so blinded they cannot see an innocent man was sent to prison. Praying for the Schofield family and that his name will one day be cleared.

Bone valley
What an unbelievable story. Most stories you hear, end with a satisfying conclusion. Unfortunately at the moment, this story is completely incomprehensible. The fact that this man is still in prison is a complete injustice!!

Set Leo FREE!!!
Absolutely loved the production of this show. You all did an amazing job. It breaks my heart so much for Leo. Before I even knew what happened, through the confession, I was thinking she gave someone a ride from the store where she called Leo. My prayers, hopes and wishes for Leo.

This is a tragic story. It makes me sick to know Leo is still in prison for this crime. And Michelle, killed for being a good person, it’s unreal. It’s just all so tragic.

Once I started, I could not stop listening to this. I had to know more, and find out if justice had actually been served for this man who I believe is innocent. I am appalled by the Florida Supreme Court’s decision and the stubbornness and arrogance of some the people involved with keeping Leo behind bars. It is sickening and hard to believe that nothing more can be done for him at this time but try to get the case transferred. I signed the petition to do so, and can only hope something can be done for him.

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Chilling and addicting
Could not put down this podcast. Thank you for sharing Leo’s story. This case is unreal and your years of work really pay off through your story telling. Would love to hear another podcast from Gilbert. Also, Kelsey is my hero!! I want to approach life with the confidence you had approaching Hill.

You found your entertainment for the next few days
I love me a good podcast. Only problem is when I finish one that I love, the next one never measures up. For every 10 podcast I listen to, I only make it through the first episode of less than one. But I knew immediately when I started this one that it was different…Probably my favorite podcast since The Man in the Window. I’ll be ordering King’s book next!

Jason Flom
This is so good & knew it would because of Jason..The narrative is so good. I live in Orlando so of course I had to listen. Listening to Leo you can tell just in his voice he is being truthful and it’s a shame that people spend so long in prison when they are innocent. I have listened to wrongful conviction with Jason and I heard just about everything. Death penalty should be abolished, just one person put to death when they are innocent is one to many. Great podcast sad story, love Gilbert’s voice which is important to be able to listen to a story!!!also maybe you shouldn’t make this a pay wall only to get the word out about clearly a wrongful conviction. Some people are struggling and just cannot afford to pay. Think about it so Leo can get set free just like Adnan Syed did and that was not a pay wall sorta thing.. thanks THIS IS AM UPDATE AFTER LISTENING TO THI 3 TIMES AND OMG SO GOOD BUT WHERE CAN WE REACH OUT TO MR SCOTT YES YES JERAMY I WOILS LIKE TO GIVE HIM SOME SUPPORT!!! ALSO PLEASE LET US KNOW WHEN LEO’S NEXT PAROLE HEARING SO WE CAN COME OUT AND SUPPORT THIS RIDICULOUS AND UNJUST CONVICTION OF LEO. I LIVE IN ORLANDO, SO NOT FAR!!! PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE US. 100% BELIEVE THE PAY WALL WAS ABSOLUTELY NEEDED TO SUPPORT YOU AND KELSEY DURING YOUR TRAVELS SO THANK YOU!!!! OMG WE HAVE TO DI SOMETHING…

Mind blown ! How can we help?!
This is absolutely the most Touching, BIZARRE, Need to Know Information. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed listening. Couldn’t stop listening.. started yesterday morning and listened to it almost non stop. Please let me know / hopefully more of us know what we can do to help 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Some need help
Thank you for working on this problem All that you mentioned I would like to express a personal comment. During the opiate crises in early 90s. I had a serious pain issue and talked with 60 doctors who were nice & empathitic. I had never used any drug nor did I drink. I could get no help. Finally 10 years in absolute agony I was lead to someone - a doctor who was very willing to help me. There are some situations that call for drugs. I still take the same amount as I did. That was a very damaging situation for me. I even flew to John Hopkins and Jackson medical school in Mia mm. No Help. Please keep this in mind. Thank you for your strong efforts

The state of Florida has a vendetta
The way this story was told was gripping and I felt so disappointed every time Leo was let down by the justice system and the state of Florida. It is clear that a vendetta was set out against him and they CHOSE not to seek out any other suspects because they did not want their own incompetence to be shown. I hope Leo gets to be with his family and gets justice for Michelle.

Great investigative journalism and storytelling
Extremely well done in all fronts. The research, the storytelling, the production and audio, everything. So glad I started listening.

Must listen
Everyone needs to hear this podcast. Especially anyone who works in our legal system. It’s profound and life changing.

Gripping storytelling
This podcast was one of the best I’ve listened to; I binged the episodes and was in awe of the research done by the reporters. Bravo !

Absolutely Incredible Reporting
I have listened to about 20 “true crime” podcasts over the last few years. A few friends recommend this podcast as I’m in Hillsborough county and local and thought I would be intrigued. When I tell you I was RIVETED and this is hands down the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. The story telling is impeccable, the empathy and sympathy with which the stories are told had me in literal tears and smiling during the (few) happy moments. Gilbert and Kelsey have amazing interviewing chemistry and I cannot say enough good things. I have told everyone I know about this podcast and deep dived into the social media, pics and transcripts after bingeing this in a record breaking 2 days. This is my first review but I need people to know how outstanding this podcast is. Thank you for telling Leo’s story, thank you for your sympathy for Jeremy and his story. Thank you for everything. I look forward to updates and future podcasts. 🖤

Absolute best true crime podcast out there. Continually evolving and such a bombshell of a story.

Absolutely riveting, such a experience that everyone should hear
Amazing delivery and reporting on what happened. I sincerely hope this story creates pressure on those involved to earnestly look at the physical evidence and review the case.